Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club

A Federation of Fly Fishers Founding Club

Spokane, Washington

Organized in 1956
Joined FFF at the First Conclave, Eugene, OR, 1965
By-laws adopted November 14, 1967

Received the FFF McKenzie Cup Award in 1978

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday in the months September - May
The December Meeting is Members Only

Among the purposes of this web site are:
A. Provide a list of contacts for the club
B. Provide access to the club newsletter The Fly Leaf
C. Show off a few fish caught by our members

D. Provide information about conservation or fishing research projects

Updated 4/1/15

IEFFC Video Disc Library

PDF Copy of Bylaws, Click Here


Produced by the
Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club
Est. 1956 in Spokane, Washington
P.O. Box 2926, 99220

All proceeds received by the I.E.F.F.C. are used for fishing enhancement and conservation projects.

The Runje Releaser was designed for catch and release fly fishing with a barbless hook.

Steps for use:

1.      Work the fish in close. Either take hold of the leader or hold the rod tip up high and reach out with the releaser and slip the open loop on the leader.

2.      Slide the releaser down the leader over the hook eye to the bend of the hook.

3.      Lift the releaser straight up and the fish will fall off. If the hook up is in a hard portion of the mouth or is a deep hook up, it may be necessary to roll the hook with the releaser engaged.

4.      If the fish is hooked in the lip (which is usual if you're chrionomid fishing), slide the releaser down to the bend of the hook and with a quick downward snap, the hook will be out.

5.      With practice you will find that you will not have to take the fish out of the water and rarely have to handle the fish.

Use this method of release and the fish will live and grow to be caught and fight again.

Available for purchase at
Swede's Fly Shop
1611 N Ash, Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 323-0500
Silver Bow Fly Shop
13210 E Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99216
(509) 924-9998

Officers and other contacts, 2015

President: Neal Beechinor
(509) 325-6581
Vice President: Skip Cavanaugh
(509) 891-8332
Treasurer: Paul Davis
Secretary: Richard Ripley
(509) 443-6829

Board Members (Last Year of Service)

Jim Gaddy (2015)
(509) 328-1051
Jim McDevitt (2015)
(509) 624-2562
Gordon Olsen (2015)
(509) 467-6944

FFF Contact: Chet Allison
(509) 329-0118

Membership Application -- Sponsors download PDF file and print

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See the WWII disposal of Sodium in
Lake Lenore
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This is the sixth edition of Flies of the Northwest written by club members.
It contains about 200 fly patterns. There are chapters on: Mayflies, Chironomids, Caddisflies, Damselflies, Dragonflies, Stoneflies, Terrestrials, Crustations, Aquatic Bugs, Aquatic Worms and Leeches. In addition there are chapters on fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, Sea-run Cutthroat and Shad along with fly patterns that work.

It is available at

Swede's Fly Shop
1611 N Ash, Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 323-0500
Silver Bow Fly Shop
13210 E Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99216
(509) 924-9998

It is distributed world wide by Frank Amato Publications, Inc. PO Box 82112, Portland, OR 97282, Phone: 503-653-8108
It may be purchased through Amato's web pages. Click Here




About Our Newsletter

The Fly Leaf

IEFFC began sending their newsletter, The Fly Leaf, electronically to some members in September, 2002.

Some members had trouble receiving it as an e-mail attachment. This web page gives them access to The Fly Leaf.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher is needed to
open and read these files. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is at:

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Links to Some of Our Activities

Brett Creek Project
Background work done in June 2004
Follow-up work after logs installed
Example of completed restoration

Link to Pictures of 2004-5 Fishing Kids Day

Pictures of Cutthroat Tagging 2003

Update North Fork CDA Study 1/20/04

Update North Fork CDA Study 11/05/03

Real Time Water flow North Fork CDA at Prichard

Real Time Waterflow North Fork CDA at Enaville

Federation of Fly Fishers main web site

Washington State Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers

IEFFC Pictures



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